Facebook “Like” and Twitter “Retweet” Buttons for Websites

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There is much information out in the WWW about how to add the Twitter “Retweet” and Facebook “Like” buttons, and from what I’ve seen they don’t all work, so deciding which code to use can be confusing. Here’s some information to make it simple for you.

I have placed the links to the 2 sites that are the original sources for these codes,  and work.  However, if these codes do not work for you… then you need codes that were not designed by Twitter or Facebook.  It seems that in designing their codes, many blogs (such as WordPress.COM blogs) and other sites were left out, the original code does NOT work for everyone.  If you find that this is the case for you too, then please move on to our Facebook “Like” and Twitter “Retweet” Buttons for Blogs article.

Twitter “Retweet” Button (see example on top right corner of this page):


Following this link, you’ll find options to add the button to your website/ blog (in code form), your email signature, RSS feed as well as plugins for your blog, if the code does not work for it (eg. WordPress.ORG and Blogger blogs etc.) – There is no plugin/ code for wordpress.COM blogs at this link.  If you do not know the difference between these two types of blogs, visit this link for more information.  If none of these options work for your blog or website, please read Facebook “Like” and Twitter “Retweet” Buttons for Blogs.

Facebook “Like” Button (see example at end of this article):


When you get to this page, you will have to type in some of the information about how you want your button to look as well as the address of the page that you want your button to appear on.  Then it will give you the code that you need to place into your website.  If this code does not work on your website/ blog, then please read my article on Facebook “Like” and Twitter “Retweet” Buttons for Blogs.

Feel free to Retweet and/ or Like this page if you find it helped you; it may just help one of your friends!

– Easy2usesites KZN


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