Tips to Market your Company Locally

Every business could use some fresh, new marketing ideas, and with companies constantly trying to keep up with the latest online marvels and methods (not at all a bad thing), we wanted to remind you of some of the tried and tested (but also inspirational) means of bringing in new clients.   A great way is to focus on promoting your business locally.

So here are some suggestions that will help you, please keep in mind that not all will work for every type of business and that you may have to tailor these to suit your trade.

Place an ad in a local magazine or newspaper.
The internet may be a convenient search method for most as it has become increasingly easy to access, but depending on the nature of your business, a local magazine or newspaper may be a better source for clients.

Write an article for a local magazine or newspaper.
It may sound daunting to suddenly put pen to paper, especially if you have no experience in writing. Luckily there are numerous articles about writing articles! These are fairly straight forward and usually very helpful. And if spelling becomes an issue, there is always spell-check.

Place ads in the classifieds section or your local newspaper.

Advertise on a billboard.
To advertise on a billboard can be pretty pricy and you would have to consider which services and products would be most effectively displayed.

Advertise on buses or taxis.
These are vehicles that we pass everyday in our travels, some noticeable, others not so much.

Advertise on local websites and directories.

Have well designed business cards.
A person is usually drawn to a company based on some element of interest, may it be their prices, the name of the company or even their staff. So why not consider how a person could be drawn to a business card. Instead of going for that traditional white, spice it up a little and add some colour, how about a red background with bold white text or black background with yellow text? Something to consider.

Always carry a business card with you.
We meet new people on a daily basis, we may not have conversations with all of them, but somewhere along the line the subject of work will always pop-up. You never know, they may very well be interested or know someone else who might be.

Advertise in the local yellow pages.
Get listed and post an ad, it may not appear effective at first, but if your services never change, it may not be a bad idea.

Hang up flyers, posters or business cards. At community halls, libraries, or other local businesses (With their permission of course).

Put business cards on cars, less pollution and people are more likely to keep them versus a flyer.

Hand out trinkets: key chains, pens, magnets, etc. with your contact information on it.
If you have just met with a prospective client, hand him a pen with your logo on it to write with and keep. A client has just spent a bit of money in your store, why not give them a free magnet? It’s a way of showing them you appreciate their time and their support and everyone loves something free.

Purchase advertising spots on local TV channels or volunteer to be interviewed on a local radio station.
You’re in a competitive line of work and your competition is drawing away your clients. Your prices may be cheaper, your staff may be more efficient, but do your clients know that? It takes 5 seconds to say a little something about what you can offer.

Advertise on travel brochures and maps.
Let tourists and travelers know where you are and how you can be useful to them.

Volunteer to speak at local events.

Teach a class.
If you’re good with people and good at explaining what you do and how you do it, why not lecture at a local college.

Attend Chamber of Commerce and other local business meetings.
It’s a good way to socialize with other business people, talk shop and exchange business cards.

Ask those you know to help you find leads. Give them business cards or trinkets and ask them to hand them out if they run into someone interested in your product or service.

Sponsor a portion of a freeway or highway.

Get shirts, hats and other fashionable accessories printed with your logo or business slogan on it.  Wear them around town and give them to others.
The more recognizable you can make your company name and slogan the quicker a trust can be built between the company and client.

Hold open a panel business forum in your local community, where community members can ask questions to your business.
People love voicing their opinions and being heard, it’s a great way to get feedback and hear what people are saying.

Sponsor a team, local event or host an event.

Get involved with local charities.
Help a cause, offer your services for free, and host an event in their honor. Good publicity is good for business, especially when they write an article about to the local newspaper or magazine.

Offer your product in school or non-profit fund raisers.

Offer your product as the prize for a local contest.
Let them test drive it for you for free. If they like, you can bet they’ll spread the word.

Volunteer to be on the board of local event.


Good Luck with promoting your company out there and please come back and share with us all about how any of these ideas worked for you and in your particular business.

– The Easy2usesites Team


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  1. Rose says:

    Hey, great post. Great blog. It is fresh and to the point. I just read literally dozens of blogs, because I can’t sleep, and yours is by far the best quality. You know it is rare to find decent content on these things… Most of them are cheap and spammy.

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