Hidden Dangers of Website Hosting

The internet has become a large money-making tool and everyone is trying to get on the bandwagon, however not everyone provides an honest service or has the skills or tools to provide you with even the simplest web hosting service.

There are many tricks that these providers use in order to trap you into paying for more than you’re getting and we want you to know what is important to look for in a good web hosting service.

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Going Green – In The Workplace

Going Green in your company is not as difficult or expensive as you might think… In fact, there are many simple, free and effective ways to reduce waste that will actually increase profitability in your business at the same time! GREEN not only represents saving the ENVIRONMENT, but it’s also the colour for making and saving MONEY. Here are some great, easy-to-accomplish ideas for leading your company into greener pastures…
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Tips to Market your Company Locally

Every business could use some fresh, new marketing ideas, and with companies constantly trying to keep up with the latest online marvels and methods (not at all a bad thing), we wanted to remind you of some of the tried and tested (but also inspirational) means of bringing in new clients.   A great way is to focus on promoting your business locally.

So here are some suggestions that will help you, please keep in mind that not all will work for every type of business and that you may have to tailor these to suit your trade.

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